Monday, August 29, 2022

Where have I been?

Hey loves,

I know you guys are probably wondering where have I been for the past year and what have I been doing. I have actually been employed by a mobile game as a streamer and have been focusing my time over there for the past year. I'm currently on my 1st year and 2nd month with the company I'm working for. I was looking into my things and I realized that despite making a lot of effort on my other socials, I've somewhat neglected this one.

So, I just want to say thank you to everyone that still visits and reads my blog. I hope it helps you in any way and that it at least gives you some entertainment. If you want to catch me elsewhere, I've updated all of my links on the sidebar. I hope to see you guys again and I'll write more in this blog. Promise!


Monday, April 26, 2021

Future Plans

Hey Loves!

I think I've already shared with you guys some of my future plans especially when it comes to my career. I'm even taking classes right now in an all-online university that's accredited in the US. To be honest, I haven't really thought of my future back in the day and I wasn't that certain of who I am, let alone know what I would do in the future. I'm sure many of you can relate to such things because not everyone's as motivated and as clear-minded when it comes to their future.

I'm currently taking up Business Administration, which is a far cry from the art major that I've had a few years ago. I realized that art was my passion in life but it wasn't something that I saw myself doing as a career. I saw myself as a businesswoman, a manager, and someone that will carry out my own personal brand in the future. I thought that as soon as now I should look into some certifications and other ways on how I can elevate myself from other people in my future field. I've looked into SpotoClub before and I found out that they have PMP Spoto.

PMP, if you guys don't know, means Project Management Professional. It's basically a certification you can get if you want to be a certified project manager. It's actually one of the fields that I believe I'd excel in if given the chance. I  like to talk to people, organize, and manage events or projects. I have a lot of concepts and ideas in my head that I know how to carry out when I have the right tools or people to do them.

I've been reading articles on Spoto especially how to pass your PMP exam on your first try since I know how expensive it can get if I have to retake certification exams like that. I need the right tools to study for examinations like that and I think Spoto really has a great collection of mock tests and questions that'll prepare you for the exam. I'm still a long way from getting the examination but I'm glad that I know where to go when I need to prepare for it.

If you guys are curious or want to try out the mock test, you can check out the PMP here.


Am I a Gamer Girl?

Hey Loves!

I don't know if you guys know this already but I've been streaming on Twitch for quite a number of years now. I'm not that consistent with it but I really do enjoy my time over there. I've been really into playing video games, connecting with people, and building my own little community. To be honest, I never saw myself as someone that would thrive in a setup like live-streaming since I'm pretty socially awkward. Yet, here I am, streaming every so often on my Twitch channel.

I'm not really the type to play FPS games like Fortnite or play games that are too stressful for me since I didn't grow up playing video games. I was more of the flash games, board games, and puzzle games kind. I remember playing those browser games when I was in middle school trying to figure out how to use the computer. Yes, I'm part of the generation where we had classes to learn how to type and to use the computer. I remember playing typing games with my classmates and having typing contests on who's the fastest one or who can find the most words to beat the game. Have you guys played the same games when you were a kid or am I just that old?


Even though I'm not what some gamers would call an actual hardcore gamer, I know for sure though that I enjoy playing games. Do you guys remember those old-school games like Super Mario Bros. (the old school 8-bit one) or maybe Atari Space Invaders? I'm not that old by the way, it just so happens that the games available to me back when I was a kid were a bit on the older stuff. I remember being so proud every time I clear a level on Super Mario Bros. or having a contest with my cousins while playing Donkey Kong and Kirby. But I didn't have a console growing up, actually, up until now, I've never had a console in my life. I've always wanted one but it was just never the priority in my buying list as a gamer.

Invace Spaders

I think the main reason for that is because I've always been a PC gamer. I grew up playing games on PC and having a good time while playing browser games. I could remember playing Adventure Quest back in the day or spending my whole night on weekends playing in Neopets. Do you guys remember those websites? Those were my childhood. Honestly, I've been looking for a website that's not ads heavy and at least has a clean interface where I can just casually play games and not get bombarded by so many ads on every single side that if I misclick, I'd be redirected into god know where. That's why I was really happy when I chanced upon while I was looking for places that had browser games. It gave me the gaming experience I used to feel when I was younger and there are no ads! It was pretty refreshing.

I've actually shared with you guys earlier the games that I've played on there and quite honestly, it's pretty addicting. It's not an exaggeration when I say I've spent a good amount of time in there trying to reach different levels and unlocking different skins by reaching the appropriate score. It really makes you feel competitive with yourself, just like how I used to feel back when I was 12 years old.

So, if you guys were to ask me if I was a gamer girl or not... I'd say that I'm definitely a gamer girl. I've been playing games since I was a kid and even if it's not in a console or if it's not a "proper" video game, I still think that I've grown into a gamer through the years. I started out as a browser-game-loving kid and now I'm into PC games that are accessible to me. Not gonna lie though, I'd love to own a Nintendo Switch someday and play Animal Crossing or Pokemon on it. I think I'm pretty bias with Nintendo though. So, that's that. LOL


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My Weight Loss Journey During the Pandemic

Hey loves!

I've been going through a lot of Tiktok videos lately and from my endless scrolling, I reached the Weight Loss Motivation side of Tiktok. It got me thinking of how I've been wanting to lose weight for the longest time because I've been overweight since the dawn of time. Whenever I would compute my BMI, I had always been in the "overweight" and sometimes even in the "obese" section of the scale.

It was pretty tough growing up, I’m not gonna lie. But as I grew older, I’ve come to terms with it and even used my social media as a platform for advocating body positivity as well as self-love. These days though, especially with COVID-19 hanging behind our backs and making everything uncertain, health and fitness have become a paramount priority for everybody. I’m no different. As much as I love my curves and handles, being overweight does have some setbacks. I went from not caring about my weight to searching up the
benefits of apple cider vinegar because I heard they were great for losing weight.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who searched for workout videos on Youtube, namely Chloe Ting’s workout videos or Lilly Sabri’s intense workout sessions. I even have a playlist saved of Chloe Ting’s workout because I told myself that I would use this opportunity of being forced to stay at home and not having any obligations outside to finally get my fitness and health back into shape. Sadly though, a good percent of you guys are probably like me. You’ve probably planned ways on how to lose weight. Maybe search for supplements that help you lose weight or asked someone in your house to be your fitness buddy. And maybe, you’ve even started counting your calories. But, you got stuck in the planning phase and have not moved on to the actual application and moving phase of your fitness journey.

You’re probably as disappointed in yourself as I was disappointed in myself when I realized that I gained more weight instead of losing weight during this pandemic, especially when the lockdowns and quarantines were happening. I’m not gonna lie, I am at the heaviest weight ever in my whole life. I never thought that I would actually reach this weight tier. I’m currently 205lbs or 93kgs and even though I have the highest of confidence in myself during and after the lockdowns, I was also at my most unfit and unhealthiest state as well.

My country is currently on its second lockdown due to the new variants of the virus and it made me realize, I can finally put into action what I want to achieve with my fitness. I’ve been changing my mindset recently and have made tremendous amounts of progress compared to how I was mentally before and during the first lockdown of the pandemic. My depression kicked in hard and I promised myself that I would pick myself up again while using my newfound free time to listen to as many self-improvement podcasts and read more books that could help me shift my mindset from being a victim to a person who’s responsible for their own life. That’s why I know I have the necessary mindset now to apply all the plans and research that I’ve done to finally lose weight.

My plan this time is to practice mindful eating as well as intermittent fasting while challenging myself physically. I’ve talked about Chloe Ting’s workouts and I believe that it’s a great starting point for someone like me. I’ve watched countless videos of her reacting to stories of people who were heavier and more inactive than me and they showed huge results. I wanted to do Lilly Sabri’s workout videos as well but I found them too difficult, especially if I followed her plan on her website. I’m also thinking of drinking some supplements, especially because I do have PCOS and have always had difficulty in maintaining or losing weight. I’ve tried my whole life to lose weight and I’m very hopeful that I can use this pandemic as a way for me to improve my overall health and fitness. Maybe next time I make a post about my weight loss journey, I’d be telling you guys about finally achieving my ideal weight. You never know!

I'm honestly just making this post to make myself accountable for my weight loss as well as helping you guys by sharing my story and hopefully giving you some sort of kinship as fellow weight loss journey takers. I hope you guys achieve your desired weights and overall be healthier during these distressing times. Use the time that we have to improve ourselves instead of letting fear and uncertainty rule our lives. We'll all get through this, I just know it.


Friday, March 05, 2021

Making Yourself Better

Hey Loves!

As you guys know, I've been trying to better myself throughout this whole pandemic situation that’s been happening in our world. We’ve been locked up in our houses with nothing better to do than go online and try to entertain ourselves. To be honest, I’m sure most of you haven’t initially thought that this situation was going to last more than it would because, believe me, I didn’t think it would last for more than a few months. Yet, here we are nearing our first anniversary as the COVID-19 era. 

Like most of you, I’ve really enjoyed the start of this pandemic because of the amount of free time I got. But it became tiresome as the days go by and I started looking online on what I can do to improve my skills and find what I can do in the meantime that would keep my mind challenged. So, I thought, wouldn’t learn a new skill or maybe getting a certificate online would be the best way to spend my time while I can’t go out? And that’s when I found Spoto Questions, which basically helps people practice for online certifications like Amazon’s AWS certification. For those of you guys that don’t know, Amazon AWS is one of the top cloud service providers out there. 

Being in your house all the time and not being able to work, unless you are part of the front liners and service providers in your country, having an online job is one of the best things to do with your time. With that being said, you need to get as much of an edge as you can get to land a good-paying online job. As I’ve said earlier, there are certifications for Amazon’s AWS and you can do AWS Penetration Testing on Spoto so you’d know if you have enough knowledge to pass the test. They give you real possible questions as well as the answers to those questions. Kind of like a mock test! 

Another interesting thing I saw in there is their track record. They’ve been doing this since 2003 and their AWS Solution Architect test has some pretty good reviews which, if I was being honest, made me feel confident in using their service and learning from their tests. I’m honestly glad that I’ve been finding ways on how I can improve myself because I know when we all go back outside and become part of society again, I have progressed forward and not remain stagnant. 

I hope you guys find ways in improving yourself while we’re still not back to being a normal society. Never forget, it’s better to try many things than to become someone that’s stagnant in life. 

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